We met in Fiji, 3 years ago and it changed both our lives!


Fiji has a culture that's natural makes you find your inner happiness.


Laurens has always preferred to stay at a home-stays. He therefore came in contact with a family living on the most beautiful island 4 hours away from the mainland. Laurens was only planning to stay there for 2 weeks but ended up being there for 6 months. Laurens became a part of their culture and family for 6 months and is intergrued in their family every since. 


Claudia was in Fiji to do volunteer work for a local school in Suva. After falling in love with Fiji Claudia wanted to explore Fiji beautiful islands after she was done with the volunteer work.


And that is how Claudia and Laurens met one day on the island Laurens was living on with the Fijian family. 


Not only is Fiji a special place for each of us, but it is also a special place because it was where we met on the other side of the world. 


The COVID-19 crisis has hit Fiji, and most of us, very, very hard. The family in Fiji makes a living from tourism - which has practically stopped since March 2020.

They live frugally and do not need much. Their investment in food by means of seeds and plants has been almost destroyed by the violent storm and tsunami.


We support our Fijian community with donating 50 cents for every order of Vegan Pecan. 


The money will go to buying clean drinking water, food and for the children to be able to go back to school.