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Vegan Pecan

I’m vegan! 

Looking for a delicious and nutritious vegan option? Look no further than Bamboo Byte's Vegan Pecan granola. This flavor-packed and crunchy granola is made with caramelized pecans and tasty buckwheat, giving you a kick start to any day.

Whether you enjoy it with yogurt, milk, or as a snack, our Vegan Pecan granola is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Our granola is made entirely of natural materials, with no e-numbers or artificial chemicals. The high fiber content comes from our wholegrain oats and wonderful nuts and seeds. And, because our organic agave syrup is naturally sweet, we don't need to add any sugar to the recipe.

We are confident that you will love our Vegan Pecan granola as much as we do. At Bamboo Byte, we believe in providing you with the best tasting, nutritious, and natural granola possible.


So why wait? Start your day the right way with Bamboo Byte's Vegan Pecan granola!

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