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Cinnamon Dream

At Bamboo Byte, we are proud to bring you Cinnamon Dream, our first and signature granola. This delicious and crunchy granola was the start of Bamboo Byte and have a special place in their hearts.

Start your day on a festive note with our nuts & cinnamon granola. The perfect combination of cinnamon flavor and crunchiness from our oven-roasted nuts and seeds, combined with the natural sweetness from organic honey, will have you coming back for more.

We believe that the ingredients in your food should be pure and simple, which is why everything in our bags is 100% natural, free of e-numbers, and artificial ingredients. Our granola is high in fiber thanks to the wholegrain oats and tasty nuts and seeds, and we don't add any sugar to the recipe as it's already naturally sweet from the organic agave syrup.

We hope you enjoy our Cinnamon Dream granola as much as we do and feel good about what you're eating.


At Bamboo Byte, we are dedicated to bringing you the best tasting, nutritious, and natural granola possible.

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