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Vegan Pecan is a vegan granola that is flavourful, crunchy and have the tastiest nuts and seeds we roast in the oven.
You can eat the granola with yogurt, milk or even as a snack!

Our Vegan Pecan is 100% natural.  In our Vegan Pecan bag there is no e-numbers, no artificial ingredients and it is high in fibre.  
And... that's not all - we don’t add any sugar to the recipe as it's already naturally sweet from our organic agave syrup.

We can't wait for you to try it!

Vegan Pecan

  • This product is manufactured in an environment that uses egg, soy, milk, lupine, mustard and gluten.

  • Each granola bag is packaged in a recycled-materials bag. The plastic used to help keep the granola fresh is rPET, which is made entirely of recycled materials.  One kilogram of rPET plastic emits only 0.45 kilograms of CO2.

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