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Our mission

Bamboo Byte is a newly started company with a love for healthy food and sustainability.

Here at Bamboo Byte we make delicious, healthy and natural granola just for you. Using only the most delicious ingredients in the right proportions.

We want to give you the perfect way to kick-start your mornings!  


Lifestyle Coach

The Bamboo Byte granola has a very tasty bite. Both flavors Cinnamon Dream and Vegan Pecan smell good and taste good in your cottage cheese.

Manon Löwik

Owner of You & Me voedingscoach

A very tasty and relatively healthy granola is this one from Bamboo Bytes, I got this one to try and both flavors are really delicious!

Lifestyle Coach

There are tasty pieces of nut in it. Personally, I like the one with cinnamon the best, but I am a big cinnamon lover. I can highly recommend Bamboo Byte granola.

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